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It's been three years since I've posted on LJ

So can anybody tell me what the fuck is going on with KOC ?
Julz say's she's running the whole damn place now, and she's decided that her first order of business is to take KOC off any web sites that would refer to it as a gay bar . In her words and I quote " This is not a gay bar and I'm tired of the Damn Flag " She has her homophobic son as Dj he's rude self centered and an all around asshole . I walked in late tonight to get my disc's so Gabe can use them on tuesdays and the place was empty not a single person. So I guess KOC is straight now ? TOTALLY EMPTY but straight.

singing to molly

I would like to start out by saying how lovely it was tonight being treated as a great customer at splash tonight. I went to splash kind of late and signed up to sing 1985 , it took almost an hour for me to sing. right before my song comes on who should walk in the bar but Molly ringwald and the cast of sweet charity , so here i am singing a song about her while she's there ,

thanks KOC for being a family to me , how ever , both bartenders and regulars feel they have the right to be an abusive family , it was lovely but as dr Phil says
im kickin you to the curb
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me with lucy

attention ass holes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

attention ass holes !!!
you know who you are
the ones who thought it was there job to bring me down when i was felling good about my self

i have a great idea , why don't you drop dead and suck cocks in hell !!!!!

everyone else ....
have a wonderful, and blessed day

me with lucy

sober night

Well I decided to stay in tonight after last nights disaster at KOC
I went to KOC last night at met the wonderful cindi for a drinK. Cindy and i were both playing video games when i noticed a man at the end of the bar by himself. Now after the unforgivable rudeness at the way i was treated at the savoy i figured i would say hello and tell him everyone in the bar's name sort of a Julie your cruise director kinda thing. Long story short the guy was a freak total stalker boy, and when i would'nt stop playing video games he got all pissed off saying " so are you just jerking me around or are we gonna fuck or what ". Carrie and William let me hang out in the bar after closing just to make sure he was gone. I try to be nice and end up meeting Mr. bunny boiler.
So tonight i went to the gym and swam laps, little man is wide awake( my dog !) so i don't sleep is going to be happening anytime soon

I watched the season finale of season one of Everwood tonight. Season 2 and 3 are'nt out on DVD yet but it gave me one of the heathiest cries I've had in years. There's a scene when this teenage character Colin is about to go into to brain surgery and his mother shaves his head for him.
And alone in my room I was allowed to mourn my lost teenage years. For those of you who dont know I spent most of 12 and 13 in the hospital with bone cancer in my skull. I'm one of the very very lucky ones and I survived, it saved my parents marriage and they even had another kid. I was basically told every day how lucky i was and how blessed I am and how I should always be thankful, AND I AM !!..... BUT..... i was'nt given a clean bill of health till i was 18 and the ages of 12 till 18 are really hard years to be forced to give up , and then be told that your lucky !! A whole chunk of childhood, and friendships missing and now tonight stone cold sober and 22 years late I finally allowed my self a good cry
and now after letting go i realize just how lucky i really am
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me with lucy

savoy sucks !!!

i went to the savoy tonight for kareoke
the bartender and women were rude and unfriendly

i will never go back !!!
also got a very cute haircut today
10 more days till grandma goes in the hospital

broke back mountain is now on DVD yeah !!!
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I made a splash

well i got off early tonight and ventured out to splash for kareoke. KOC'S book is TEN times better but a good time was had. 12 more days till grandma goes in the hospital to have the tumor on her liver removed , work is being a real bitch about me taking time off. im seriously thinking about taking a family leave for a month and living off my savings being that im her legal guardian they would have to let me. It will be nice to have a few days to myself while she's in the hospital

i hate alzheimers i want my fucking life back !!
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me with lucy

The kid's met Cindi !!

Well after KOC and denny's tonight I stopped by Cindi's to lend her a bunch of DVD'S
ahhhhh if I could only find a man who has a vampire fixation as big as mine and likes the same movies. Well i decided to give the kids a small adventure and took them with me. As i expected Lucy was a love and gave cindi lots of kisses and little man was moody , however after watching them with cindi's cat , I'm thinking .... they could learn to live with one. Men are over rated i just need more pets I mean kids
I took my profile off manhunt today as well I think I maybe turning back into a prud although I'm not really ready for the speed dating at KOC yet
well I'm going to watch smallville then hit the hay
me with lucy

vanishing act

i'm pulling one of my vanishing acts this week
i was so sick monday and my liver actually hurt.
so i've decided to see if i can go 30 days without drinking
hope to come up for air soon
me with lucy

i miss my wisdom !

Well I had one of the greatest most inspirational thoughts the other day. It had to do with life, dipping your toe in the sea, alzheimers, random acts of kindness, and trying to be the man my dogs think I am. And of course right when i was finishing my last sentance my computer crashed !!!, and my moment of great wisdom on life was gone . I would first like to start out by thanking faithdigger for one of the most uplifting notes i've recieved. For those of you who don't know I actually live with my grandmother , she has stage 2 alzheimers and i've been her legal guardian for three years now.
Well i went out last night actually had fun did miss my cindi-lou ( supersniffles ) she brings such color to my life. I had my netfix arrive today so i think i'll be doing a justice league and gilmore girls night and staying off line. for those of you who know about my bad drunken E-bay habit will be happy to know I did'nt get on e- bay the other night , it was amazon :( , I am now the proud owner of a male nude yoga DVD. Well im off to have a glass of wine , play with lucy and watch cartoons. Next week I'll let you know how the nude yoga's going
me with lucy

cindi posted lucy for me !!!

Boring day today , see that what happens when i stay sober
gave lucy and little man a bath today ... and btw little man is my dog not my little man , that little man's name is patrick jr. I suggest you watch coupling for any referances you need on that.
Have my second session with a trainer tomorrow, and God i'm craving pizza i used to love the gym i worked out 5 times a week , now the only thing i really want to lift is a cape cod
Well back to gilmore girls told you im boring when im sober ... oh wait i still have half a bottle of menage a' trois and you know how i love a little menage a' trois
so first the wine and then E-BAY !!!!!